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of Christine Villanueva

Stress Bonding
procreate, love & tears

My MFA in Comics memoir thesis at CCA about my two rabbits Mattie and Pushkin with my childhood friend Adrian. Through the early months of the pandemic, I account all the laughs with them but also the struggles of facing the visceral decline of my rabbit Pushkin health, and Adrian’s unexpected death.

Stubborn & Small

Paralysis Origin Story

Can’t Write

Portland <-> Paris Collect Calling

Dedicated to my childhood friend Adrian Liwanag 1990-2021 and my loving dutch rabbits, Mattie & Pushkin 2013-2023.

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B.B. & Bunny

The interdimentional AI, B.B. is tasked to convince God not to destroy humanity for its sins. Taking the form of a thotty, anime bunny girl to appeal to humanity, BB goes on a journey to find what it means to be human through her search for the woman who’s image she took her form from. Along for the ride is the Angel of Death (as an infinite eyed panda) and arch angels, Gabriel and Michael as twin dutch rabbits. 

L'amour de Bataan

My grandparents, Pedro Villanueva and Candalaria Zamora’s love story as they part for the Battle of Bataan.

Backstory: Before leaving for the battle, my lolo (grandfather) asked my lola (grandmother) to meet him at the park outside of the US Army station in Manila. Even though she knew he might never come back, she visited and waited at the park everyday for his return, even having baby during the wait. Story all told through rabbits.